Uploading video and Building a model!

Posted on July 8th, 2022

Uploading video and Building a model!

Let us walk through how you are supposed to utilise the model settings after uploading the video for the first time.

Once you upload the video and click on it, you will be redirected to the Player View. A pop-up of AI Tagging appears.
You will have the option of fetching the movie details from the IMDB database using the OMDB API. After entering the movie name and the year of release, click on Fetch Data. This will add the IMDB ID, along with the movie details like Runtime, Genre, Release date and synopsis.

Enable the Detect People functionality to add the actors to the AI model. In case you do not want a particular actor to be regarded as a known character in the AI model, click on the trash can icon next to that star cast's name.

Under the Audio tab, you will have the option to enable captions and translation.

If you want the current settings to be applied to all the videos in the particular project, check the Apply to All Videos in this project button. Click on Next. Here you will have different parameters available to configure the AI model depending on Video and Audio features. You can enable the functionalities of emotion detection, face attributes, types of camera shots, activities, places etc that you would want to build the AI model to detect. Under Audio, you can enable abusive language and other options like music genre detection. Click on Save and Run to run the AI model.