Getting started with the iOS App

Majority of functionalities are similar to the web application. Let us look at the basic features of the application.

Signing in for Reflexion

You can sign in using your email id and the password for the web application as you do.

You can select your organization by clicking on the drop down on the top-most bar. You can toggle between the media types by selecting among PDF, Images and Videos on the bar below the main bar.

Project View

You can toggle between the projects using the dropdown on the second bar. You can view the files inside the project in a similar way as you see on the web application. By double-tapping on the media file, you can also see the drop-down menu of the Actions( Favorite and setting the folder public or private) and Rename and Delete options.

You can click on the + button at the bottom of the screen to add files or folders to the project you are in. You will get the option of creating a folder or simply uploading a file from the phone. You can enable the Private checkbox while creating a folder to mark it as private to the organization.

The home icon on the bottom tab will take you to the project view for the project you are working on. The notification button will take you to the list of notifications.

Player View

By clicking on the media file, you can open that file and then work on it in the player view. You will be able to view the different tabs in the lower half of the screen. This is similar to the left hand side panel in the web application. You can add comments and tasks with the similar functionalities as you do on the website!

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