Player Page

When you land on the Player View Page, you will see the video with the playbar. There is a comments section below it and a left-hand side pane with all the comments and tasks assigned for easy access.

The playbar gives you several access options. You can start by playing and pausing the video, Adjusting the volume.

This is the playbar that is visible when you are working on the project. This powerful playbar helps you to access different functionalities that you might require while working on the project. Let us dive deeper into these buttons!

  1. Play/ Pause - This button helps you to control the content you are working with. You can play and pause your videos using this button.

  2. Loop - The loop button allows you to loop between the start and end timestamp instead of going to the start of the video it directly takes you to the start of the comment.

  3. Previous and Next Comment - These two buttons help you toggle between the comments and quickly access the comments which have been posted on the timeline.

  4. Volume - This helps you to set the volume for the content.

  5. Show/Hide Annotation - You can control viewing any additional annotations using this option.

  6. Aspect Ratio - An aspect ratio is a number that encompasses how wide your video is. It's the proportional relationship between a video's width and height. Here are some examples: 1:1, 16:9, and 4:3. You can freely choose among the different aspect ratios available to you.

  7. Playback Speed - Adjust the playback speed using this option.

  8. Quality - Select the video quality using this dropdown.

  9. Keyboard Shortcuts - This option allows you to view the list of keyboard shortcuts available for you to quickly work yourself around the project.

  10. Full Screen - Click on this to enter full screen.

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