Comment Bar has amazing commenting options which help you to communicate better with the team. Given below is the general commenting bar which will be available when you open the Player View.

Add Comments

You can add comments to the video at specific time stamps, or even add a timed comment which spans from a start time to end time in the video. Just type out text in the text field, add emojis to it and click enter! Viola! You have made your first comment!

  • Global comments - These are general comments, not associated with any timestamp, which means that if even if you're dropping a timed comment still by default it displays timestamp as 00:00. Disable the Timer icon to post a global comment.

  • Timed Comments - These are associated with a time in the video. Simply click on the Timer icon on the comment bar to toggle between the timed and global comment functionality.

  • Time-range Comments - These comments are associated with a time range having a start timestamp and end timestamp as shown in the above image. As soon as you start typing your comment a blue selector will appear on your player bar. Drag the handle to select a range and click enter. Once the comment has been submitted, the range will be indicated with a green line on your timeline.

  • Voice Notes - The annotations are not quite getting your point across? No worries! Use the Voice Note option! Click on the Voice Note icon. A pop-up box appears. Click on Start Recording!

  • Annotations - You can also use annotations to make your comments more creative! To know more about annotations features check out Annotations.

  • Whiteboard - You can also select a whiteboard color for the board, and then add your comments on it! You can use the Open Board/ Close Board icon next to the paintbrush icon on the comment bar to enable and disable the whiteboard. Selecting the whiteboard mode will show a white screen over the still image of the video playing at the exact moment where it has been paused to annotate. Any marking or suggestions can be made on that whiteboard to communicate your thoughts better to the team members.

  • Comment Privacy - Comment privacy features allows you to change the visibility of your comments in three different modes which are as follows:

  1. Only Me - Enabling the Only Me mode, allows you to keep the comments for your eyes only.

  2. Team - Enabling the Team mode, allows you to display the comments with your respective team members.

  3. Public - And enabling the Public mode, allows you to display the comments to everyone.

  • Attachments - With the Attachments option, you can attach references, story board images and much more for your project.

  • Task option - The Task option allows you to mention any comment as a task with a Priority status as high, medium and low. Not only that you can set a deadline for the aforementioned task for that particular user.

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