Sometimes, it can be difficult to express your creative ideas using plain text comments. Using visual tools can come in handy in proper communication of what your suggestions are for some of the frames, shots, or screens in the video! Our annotations help you achieve this goal.

When you click on the paintbrush icon on the comment bar, a dialog box appears to select from a range of colors, font size, fonts, brush tip widths and many more to help you accurately annotate notes on the frame commenting.

Any marking or suggestions can be made on that whiteboard to communicate your thoughts better to the team members. The drawings and other markings do not affect the original uploaded file.

So, let's discuss various features present in the Annotations category:

  • Paint Brush - Select the paintbrush icon Select Brush followed by selecting the Foreground color, the brush tip width. The screen is your playground now! You can use the paintbrush to draw anywhere you like and scribble your thoughts out!

  • Add Text - If you want to add any text, you can select from the range of fonts available, along with the text size! Select the T symbol (Add Text button) and click anywhere on the screen where you want to add text. Start typing!

  • Other Shapes - Click on the Add Circle icon in the annotations bar to draw a circle on the screen. Similarly, you can also use the Add Square button. The Add Arrow option allows you to automatically add an arrow to precisely point out things needing revision.

  • Font - You can change the font of your text with the help of font change setting. Not only that you can also increase/decrease the font size according to your liking.

    You can use the Eraser to modify your annotations! In addition to that, you can always redo or undo your changes. Click on the Turn Off Drawing button when you are done!

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