Content Viewer

When you first click on content, you will be redirected to the Player Page. This contains the player which plays your media. Below the player, there is the Playbar which helps you navigate through your content as well as adjust its quality, speed, and other settings.

Below the Playbar, you will find the Comments bar. You can use this to add comments.

On the right-hand side, you will see a pane that contains the Comments Tab. The other tabs available are Project Contents and File Info.

Comments Tab:

You can view all the comments and tasks which you have made and assigned as well as by others. The tasks will be distinguished by tags that indicate to the user to who the task is assigned, the priority associated with it, and the due date. You can view the timed and untimed comments as well specified using the timestamp below the thumbnail.

In case an attachment has been added along with the comment, you can hover over the attached file to view its name and click on it to open the same.

You can reply to comments, vote for them, and also edit your comments. Once you hover over the comment, three dots appear on the left side of the comment. This opens a drop-down of Edit Comment and Delete comment. Once you are done with the task, click on the checkmark to mark it as done!

There is also an option to download the comments as Text files, CSV, XML, or JSON format. Filtering options also allow you quicker navigation through comments and tasks!

Project Content:

In Project Contents, you can access the Videos, Documents, Images, and Audio associated with the file! This helps you to neatly organize your media as well as quickly access them without any hassle, all in one place!

File Info:

The File Info tab provides information about your content which ranges from File Name, the date added, the user who uploaded it, to its bit rate to the kind of extension and audio used.

The Internal Use tab provides the Content ID, Request ID, and Resource ID.

The topmost bar contains options to navigate among the different versions, change the labels, generate the share link, and download content for your needs.

You can download the video onto your local device by clicking on this option. Select the Video Quality, the format, subtitles (if any) .You can choose among a variety of Video Formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WEBM, WMV, MTS and M2TS.

Learn More: How to make use of Versions, Sharing Files, and Folder.

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