Options available in Content

To look at the various options provided to you by Reflexion, click on the three dots present next to the video title in the Project View Screen.

  • Change Status : You can change the status of the content based on your progress. There are total of five types of options color coded to choose from.

  • Action : In the action setting, you can change your content action either bookmarking it as 'Favorites' or even make it 'Private' for your eyes only.

  • Share : You can also share your content with others by clicking on the Share button to generate a shared link.

  • Rename : A dialogue box appears to alter the name of the Content and then click on Rename button to save your changes.

  • New Version : You can change the version of your content by clicking on the New Version option. To know more about New Version check out Manage Version.

  • Get Info : On clicking the Get Info button another pop up dialog box appears which displays your content along with certain details like Uploaded By, with their data and time. Along with the what is the current version of the content. Also, lists out the number of views garnered by the respective content and file size of it.

  • Publish To : You can even publish your content on various other platforms like Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube and Google drive.

  • Download Video : One can also download their content and store them by clicking on the Download Video button. To know more about the topic check out How to Download Content.

  • Delete : If you want to delete certain content you can do so by clicking on the delete button.

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