Manage Versions

Use the versions management to handle revisions and store videos version-wise.

To upload a new version of an existing video, click on the three dots next to the video title in the Project View Screen. Choose the New Version option. A dialog box will appear. Select the new version video/ content and click on Open.

The existing video gets updated with the new version. When you open the content, you can view what version it is.

You can view the different versions, added by the date uploaded. Click on the Compare Versions option to analyze the differences between the contents you have selected in the Versions tab.

Click on the Individual Timeline checkmark to view the different versions’ timelines separately.

Other playback options have similar functionalities as explained in the Playbar Explained Guide.

You can click on the Trash Bin Icon to delete a particular version of the content in the comparison window. Click on Add New Version button on the top right corner to select any other version to compare.

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