How to Download Content

To look at the media files you have downloaded, click on your Avatar → Downloads.

The Downloads pane appears You can view a list of media files that you have downloaded or sent a request to download.


You can see the name, the duration of the file, the size, and the day when you sent a request for download. You can view the Quality type and the status of the download that is Pending and Completed.

You can come back to the Downloads in your Profile section and click on Download in the future as well.

You can also view the downloads associated with the company organization by clicking on All Downloads History.

You can view the thumbnail, the project the content is associated with, the file name, and the size and quality. You can also check out the date and the team member who requested the download. You can filter these searches based on the projects as well.

Click on Export to export this table as a .xls file

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