What is a Content?

Content is the type of any file or media which is uploaded after you have created a project. There are various types of contents which you can choose to upload from, to know more about them do check out Different types of Content and much more.

How to upload content

Reflexion gives you lot of flexibility to upload various kinds of content. Furthermore, you can also organize your content in different folders for neat organization. Check out How to Upload Content to find out more!

How to download content

You can also download your favorite content once after uploading of it and make a collection of it. Read our How to Download Content for more!

Content Viewer

One can know a lot about the various types of content uploaded and also about their detailed description which entails the status of the content, how many views were garnered on the content and much more. Check out Content Viewer to know more.

Manage version inside content

Use the versions management to handle revisions and store videos version-wise and much more. Read through our Manage versions to get depth understanding.

Recover recently deleted files

One can recover their recently deleted files and Reflexion goes a step ahead to save them for you just in case you change your mind. Check out Recover recently Deleted files to know more!

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