Click on Profile Avatar, and then navigate to Shared Links.

Under the Links Shared Tab, you can view the different links generated by you or shared by others in the existing projects to share the media content. If there is an expiry date associated with one, it will be visible in the Expiry Date column. You can also view the email id it has been shared with the remarks if any.


You can click on the three dots at the leftmost corner, to update the shared links. A pop-up window will appear which is very similar to the window which appears when you share the media for the first time.

Learn More: Sharing your files and folders.


You can edit the preferences in this box, and click on Update. This can help you manage the preferences of the sharing and collaboration as you seem fit for the organization’s rules and policies.

Another option is to delete the shared link so it is no more available for the shared party.

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