Let us give you an overview of the basic features of Reflexion to get you started! When you first log in, this is the screen you are going to see.

Projects are workspaces where you can add media and collaborate with your team members, and manage content in project areas for specific projects. And for neat organization of your content, you can also categorize and store them in separate folders.

On the left, a User can choose between all his projects, and see content inside of it.

Here is an overview of all the things you can do with your project.

  • To upload files and media, click on the + icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also drag and drop the files directly in the space available.

  • Find the settings for the project on the top bar. You can also take a peek at the users added to the project on the left-hand side. You can manage users, sort the files, filter them and view the shared links generated during the collaboration.

  • On the topmost bar, you can view your profile avatar. When you click on it you will find further account settings and information. There is the tasks icon and the notification icon next to the avatar as well, which keep you up to date with the happenings in the projects.

  • You can neatly organize and access your favorites as well as archived projects from the bottom left pane option. Even deleted files can be viewed too.

  • With the help of table view, you can also easily view your project list in two different orientations.

So, in order to get started with your creative collaboration project make sure to check out another article on How to create a project and much more.

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