Create Tasks

You can add a comment as a task assigned to someone else.

Click on the Task checkbox, select the priority of the task ranging from low priority to high, and assign a person and the due date if any.

A freshly created task appears on the right-hand side comment panel along with the Priority, Name, and Due date.

Once the task has been assigned, the person associated with the task will get an email notification as well!

Manage Tasks

There is a different button that segregates your tasks notifications from the rest of the notifications. Click on the Task button, next to the notifications icon, on the top right corner of your app and you will see the task panel.

It includes features supporting task management which allows you to Create Tasks, Assign Tasks, Manage Tasks, View Status, Attach Media, and many more.

It has been divided into two blocks:

(a) Tasks by me: Which shows all the tasks that have been assigned by the authorised user. Click on the three dots on each task to Reassign, Edit or Delete the task.

(b) My tasks: This block shows the tasks that have been assigned to the corresponding user. Clicking on that task will open the Player of the video with the tasks mentioned on the right-hand side.

You can better manage your tasks by finding tasks for a specific project or sorting them on the basis of Newest, Oldest, Completed, and Pending.

After you have completed the task, click on the checkbox on the right-hand side of the comment display.

Similarly with the comments, once a comment’s motif has been fulfilled, click on the checkbox on the right-hand side of the comment display.

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