The projects that you create are by default private projects which only grant you access to it. You can add team members when you are first creating a project.

Adding Team Members

Create Project → Specify the project name and the watermark. → Add the email ID of the team member → Click on Create.

A pop-up box Invite Member appears. Assign a role to the member, and add any message to go along with the invite. Click on Save.

Repeat the process for adding more members.

If you have forgotten to add any member or need to add someone later in the project, go to the Manage Member icon on your Project View screen.

A pop-up appears consisting of the list of members. You can add a new email ID and click on enter. Similarly, assign a role and add a message if required. Click on Save. The member will be added.

Managing Team Members
Once you have members on the project, you can manage them to meet your needs. You can edit their roles, add or remove the team members, and so on. You can access the Manage Members dialog box in three ways:

1. During the initial creation of a Project, when you are adding the members to the project.

2. Project Settings → Manage Members.

3. Click on the Add User icon next to the member avatars on the Project View.

Changing a user to an Internal User

You can convert an invited user to an internal user. This will change their roles from any role they have to the Admin role.

Create on Avatar → Member List → Invited Members tab → Click on the symbol under Actions.

Make as Internal User pop up will appear. Click on Submit. Another pop-up appears to make sure of your decision. Click on Yes!

The members will now be available under the Internal Users tab.

Removing Team Members

To remove a team member from the Internal Users tab or the Company organization to an external user type, click on the Delete icon in the Internals Users tab. A pop-up appears, click on Yes, delete it!

To delete a user from a project, click on the Add Users button on the Project View. The Manage Members dialog box appears. Click on the Delete/Trash icon for the member who you want to remove.

You can view the members on your Project View Screen.

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