Once you have created your new project, you can easily modify it with the help of settings. You will find the Settings button on the left of the project name on the main dashboard.

The options that come with the Settings button are as follows:

Edit Project: A dialog box appears to change the project name. Edit the details and click on Save to save your modified changes.

Manage Members: This allows you to add new users to the projects and edit their roles. You can delete users or change their roles. To know more about check out Managing Team Members. To work around roles, go through Roles!

Archive Project: This allows you to clean up your dashboard without deleting your projects and store them under the banner of ‘Archived Projects’. A pop-up box appears, click on Yes, Archive to archive the project.

Leave Project: This allows you to leave the specified project. Take care about these actions, as they cannot be reversed!

Integrations : This setting option enables you to connect your project with a third party application like Trello, Slack, Jira and much more.

Delete: This allows you to delete that project. However, the deleted projects are available in the Delete section on the Project View for the next 30 days, in case you change your mind! You can Restore the media files and also choose to permanently delete them here.

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