Let us see how you can effectively use the functionalities available under the drop-down menu to manage your media!

Change Status: You can choose among the statuses of Uploaded, In Progress, Needs Review, Approved, and Rejected to add labels to your content. This helps you to neatly organize and group the media in your projects.

Action: You can make video content private, which will only be available to the people within your organization. Furthermore, you can also mark it as a favorite for quicker access.

Share: Want to share the media to get some suggestions? Click on Share and generate a link that can be shared!

Learn More: Skim through Sharing Files and Folders to know more in detail!

Move To: You can move one media from one project to another! When you click on Move To, a dialog box appears. Either select from an existing project to just post the content there or click on New Folder inside a particular project to move the media to the new folder inside the specified project.

Get Info: When you click on Get Info, a dialog box appears. It shows the File Info from the Version number to the number of people who viewed the file. You can view the File Size when it was uploaded, and the name of the team member who uploaded it.

Rename: Want to change the name of the media file? Click on Rename. Change the name of the file and click on Save.

New Version: You can create a new version of the current media file. When you click on this option, a dialog box appears to upload a media from your local device as a second version! [how many versions?]

Learn More: How to make use of Versions?

Download Video: You can download the video onto your local device by clicking on this option. Select the Video Quality, the format, subtitles (if any), and if you want to download it along with or without the watermark. You can choose from a variety of Video Formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WEBM, WMV, MTS, and M2TS.

Delete: You can also delete the content. Click on Delete. A pop-up appears. Confirm that you want to delete the media. This media will be deleted, and be available under the Deleted Content Pane which can be accessed using the selection in the bottom right corner. Once deleted, the media is available for 30 days here. You can either choose to restore it or permanently delete it!

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