You will find multiple ways to organize your data in for a smoother organization of representation of media files.

Archived Projects

Send your finished projects to Archival Storage by selecting the option from your project settings.

Archiving a project sends it to a separate storage platform for long-term storage. All assets within the archived project will be available to view, share, download, and unarchive. Click on the Settings icon on the Project View, and click on Archive Project.

You can view the archived projects in the Archived tab on the Project View. You can either choose to unarchive the project, or even delete them.

Search and Filter your Content

Reflexion allows you to search your desired content asset easily. Click on the Search button on the top right corner of your Project Dashboard. By doing that you will be able to view the desired content asset in that particular project.

You can easily filter your files by clicking the Filter Button on the upper toolbar. It allows you to filter your content on the basis of its File type and Status.

You may filter according to the type of media you are looking for, as well as the status of the content.

Note that to change the status of some content, click on the three dots next to the thumbnail and associate status by clicking on Change Status. Choose among Uploaded, In Progress, Needs Review, Approved, and Rejected labels.

Learn More: Check out how to utilize the dropdown menu to manage your content.

You can also make use of the Sort By button to sort the videos by their name, size, duration, and the time when they were uploaded.

You can also change the way you view the content on the Project View by switching between the thumbnail view and list view, using the icon next to the Shared Links button.

Recover Recently Deleted Files

Once deleted, you can view the deleted project and files in the Deleted Content tab, available on the bottom right corner of the screen. Deleted content will be available for the next 30 days before being permanently deleted. You can also restore the content or manually delete it permanently.

Favorites and Private

You may also add a content as a favourite to quickly access it from the Favourites section.

Click on the three dots on the media content → Take Action → Favourite

Similarly, you can choose the Make Private option to make content only visible to you.

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